[linux-audio-user] setting loop-points

Walco walco-linux at n--tree.net
Thu Jan 6 03:57:56 EST 2005

Hi Atte André,

> I'm still surprised to find that none of the sample editors I tried 
> seems to support editing and saving of looppoints. This leads me to the 
> following rant: Why would I need a bunch of editors (I have at least the 
> following installed: audacity, rezound, gnusound, xwave, snd, kwave, 
> gnoise, ecawave and sweep)???? I'd much rather have one that did it all, 
> did it well and was stable and easy to upgrade (= is in the debian 
> tree). This is of course due to the nature of OSS development: people 
> start a new project because they miss something in the existing projects 
> or simply because they like to code.


> I realize that there's not a lot that can be don about it, just needed 
> to get it off my chest :-)

Well, the least you can do is vote for the loop-point editing in 
audacity here:



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