[linux-audio-user] Noise reduction with FFT

Christophe Vescovi vescovi at lpsc.in2p3.fr
Thu Jan 6 04:51:03 EST 2005

Spencer Russell a écrit :
> I've got this really noisy audio file I'm trying to clean up, and
> I was thinking, it would be really cool if I could run a clip of
> the file that was just the noise(it's a recording of a discussion
> for a TV broadcast, so when no one's talking, it should be
> silent) and have the program output an average frequency content,
> in some sort of format that another program could take it as
> input and create a filter that would filter out those
> frequencies. It seems like brutefir would be able to do the
> latter part, but is there a way to automatically generate the
> filter definition from the frequency content of a file? Is this a
> feasable method of noise reduction? If it seems like it could
> work, but there isn't a program to do it, I would be interested
> in writing it, if anyone has any input.
> Thanks!
> -spencer

I think that Audacity has this feature. You select a portion when there 
is only noise to get the noise profile and then you apply noise 
reduction on the whole file.

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