[linux-audio-user] Common linux audio layer

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Jan 7 18:03:00 EST 2005

>>In a nutshell, and barring all the technical details to get
>>there, there should be a method by which audio applications
>>can simultaneously, and easily, write to the speakers .
>If possible, not only speakers. If we could manage to make 
>JACK the common audio layer, then it even would be possible 
>to write a jackclient that takes the audio from an other 
>application and streams it over tha web - live, of course, 
>not simply reading a file. We could play together over the 
>internet :) !
I get your point, and I'm sure you see mine. In the end, though, we are 
driving speakers.... no matter where the data goes, it has to be 
realized so that people can hear it.

>>A user of any 
>>audio app wants to hear the output on his speakers just as
>>a gimp user needs to see the results of a graphics program
>>on the screen. I don't think it's a complicated issue, but
>>the variations of low-level audio applications make it out
>>to be. Perhaps the issue stems from what makes linux so
>>popular -- it's openness.
>Yes. We have the freedom to choose - but the common user does 
>not want to choose. He simply expects that his operating 
>system can play sound at any time from any application.
I do agree that he wants the system/app to just play --- he wants the 
system to behave as he expects (much like Vegas operates -- it just does 
what you expect it to do.)
However, I disagree with you about the common user: I believe he does 
want a choice.

>>I assume that there are several ways that a user can set up
>>linux to drive graphics to a display, but all I know is
>>Xserver. This viewpoint begs the question that maybe x.org
>>is the "vehicle" -- both technically and politically -- to
>>promote and maintain a common method to write to the
>>speakers. X.org seems rather big, so it might be the wrong
>>organization, but then again, it's power might make it the
>>right choice. Perhaps programmers of current low-level
>>audio apps will feel that they may lose control by
>>approaching this organization. Then again, it might
>>significantly elevate the need of audio in the linux
>>community by utilizing the x.org organization as the
>>vehicle to promote and develop a Unified Audio Driver.
>If we'd be able to offer a perfect solution, it'll be used by 
>the distributors. 
Not necessarily. There are plenty of technological examples in history 
where the technology was obviously not chosen.

>But of course it would need a bit of 
>promotion and 'marketing'.
>The question is if we are willing and able to drive this; 
>maybe we are not the right people to do so. 
Ah.. that was my point.

>But if we do not 
>know how to do it, who else ;-) ?
>First, we'd need a general idea how to do a common audio 
There are plenty of smart people here -- and I'm sure they have a 
variety of skills that can be utilized: programming, system, marketing, 
management between organizations, etc. The main issue is that there is 
no cash incentive. Unless you are refering to starting a company and 
obtaining needed capital.

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