[linux-audio-user] Common linux audio layer

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Fri Jan 7 19:07:37 EST 2005

> I do agree that he wants the system/app to just play --- he
> wants the system to behave as he expects (much like Vegas
> operates -- it just does what you expect it to do.)
> However, I disagree with you about the common user: I
> believe he does want a choice.

Hmmm. Of course, choice is great. If JACK would be the base 
audio layer in all distributions, noone will prevent you to 
disable it and to use OSS/ALSA with esound or arts or 
whatsoever. What's the problem?

But I guess I'm right - unfortunately. Do users want to have a 
choice? Why did they all use Outlook? There always have been 
alternatives; how many did use them? My opinion: Give the 
user a well configured system with the best technology you 
can find, and keep the system the way that the user can 
change it. That's why we're are on Linux, aren't we?

> >If we'd be able to offer a perfect solution, it'll be used
> > by the distributors.
> Not necessarily. There are plenty of technological examples
> in history where the technology was obviously not chosen.

Yes, that's true. That's why I wrote that we'd need some 
promotion and marketing. Of course it is also possible to 
take an existing company or organisation as a horse we can 
sit on.

> There are plenty of smart people here -- and I'm sure they
> have a variety of skills that can be utilized: programming,
> system, marketing, management between organizations, etc.

Maybe, maybe not. Our forces are limited, and most people here 
that can do something and are willing to do so are already 
involved in at least 1 project.

I wonder if JACK could do the job, how many adjustments and 
additions it would need and of course: who could do it. I 
really do not expect that the JACK team wants to do such a 
boring job - they're interested in ardour and so on - and 
with reason.

> The main issue is that there is no cash incentive. Unless
> you are refering to starting a company and obtaining needed
> capital.

Hehe. If I had money I'd immediately pay 20 people for writing 
some improvements for free software. But I have none.

So, I'd really like to see JACK becoming an audio base for all 
distributions. But unfortunately, I cannot code, otherwise 
I'd try it.

 Best regards


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