[linux-audio-user] Common linux audio layer

Hannu Savolainen hannu at opensound.com
Sat Jan 8 04:39:22 EST 2005

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Christian Henz wrote:

> The point is that OSS, whatever version, is not going to be the
> standard sound layer on Linux, if not for technichal reasons then for
> political ones.
And what are the political reasons?

Everybody knows (or at least should know) that in the beginning Linux was
an attempt to create a 1:1 compatibble version of the Unix (or
Posix/whatever) API, utilities, etc. Were there any political problems
with this? No, there were no political problems at all. In fact Linux has
always been seen as a politically important project.

X11 has been an open source product with closed source versions shipped by
various computer vendors. Were there any political problems when X was
ported to Linux? No. There were no political problems with this.

OSS is another open source project with an alternative closed source
version. Are there any political problems? Surprise surprise there are
political problems. There are BIG political problems. Big enough to start
a jihad against OSS. Since the announcement of the commercial OSS
alternative also the freeware OSS version has been contaminated. So it
must be removed from the kernel and replaced by another interface that is
free from anything that looks, smells or tastes like OSS. Even if creating
this alternative driver is going to take takes 7 years (or more) of time

Do you see any logic there?

(*) It was 7 years ago when the Linux Ultra Sound project
(http://www.perex.cz/~perex/ultra/) was renamed to ALSA. It's pity that
Jaroslav has removed that fearless announcement from the Ultra project

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