[linux-audio-user] Pushing emu10k1 performance

Antonio debian at fastwebnet.it
Sat Jan 15 05:32:30 EST 2005

Lee Revell wrote:

>On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 16:32 +0100, Antonio wrote:
>>I Guys,
>>I'd like to see what are the best latency performance now obtainable 
>>with an audigy oem with a recent system.
>>I run Demudi, and I can run out-of-the-box jack 2x512 at 48000 very well 
>>with very rare xruns only when I open or close pd. On the contrary 
>>running jack 2x256 at 48000 (which would be optimal for the latency) 
>>gives me an xrun each some minutes, and is indeed not suitable for 
>You should be able to go down to 32 frames.  But in order to go lower
>than 512 you need to either run in playback only mode or use the hw:0,2
>device for capture rather than the default hw:0,0.  Since the capture
>buffers have fixed size, if you want to run in full duplex mode at low
>latencies you have to increase the number of capture channels (thus
>filling the buffer more quickly -> lower latency) by using the EFX
>voices mask control.
Wow! This looks very exciting...

Sorry if ask again, can I use hw:0,2 for recording even if I don't have 
the external rack but only the pci card? This would be great...

And is the "EFX voices mask control" only an alsa patch or there some 
associated utility? For what I understand there must be integrated in 
2.6.9 kernel right?

Any link to find more information about that is very appreciated ;-)

- Antonio

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