[linux-audio-user] Pushing emu10k1 performance

Antonio debian at fastwebnet.it
Sat Jan 15 05:56:32 EST 2005

tommy wrote:

> i have such a card (audigy 2 zs bulk).
> however, i do not use jack or such things. i use it just 4 gaming and 
> dvd's.
> But if you would ask me to make any tests, i'll do them - however just 
> with a system NOT optimezed for them
> (if you give me specific instructions what to do, i'll try)
> my system is debian sid, kernel 2.6.10-cko3
> -tommy
The very first step to optimize the performance in with the 2.6 kernel 
is to use the realtime-lsm module included in sid. So you can start 
using jack as normal user.

But if you want better latency you must recompile your kernel with the 
voluntary-preemption patch.

- Antonio

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