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omjn looplog at looplog.org
Thu Jan 27 13:00:48 EST 2005

hi Greg,

I see your point about a plethora of unlistenable content spewing 
forth.  Nonetheless, for me that's the attraction of the medium - that 
is, it's kind of an everyperson's broadcasting medium with low point of 
entry.  I appreciate the point of view of the person next door, even if 
it's not always very polished.  Don't get me wrong, a community oriented 
pro-level approach is definitely a good idea (the idea of any community 
speaking as one is inspirational in many ways), just that I also think 
there is space for the personalised stories that make the medium diverse 
and essentially this seems to be what differentiates podcasting from 
being just another big broadcasting avenue.  Plus it seems interesting 
to find out what individuals can do in their home studios as well as 
what large production oriented studio processes can achieve.

Another reason for going it alone for me personally is the medium looks 
ideal for some plans I already had for my postgrad work, so it's not too 
much effort to get up and running quite quickly.  Since it's fairly easy 
to integrate it into my already existing wordpress blog installation, 
I'll probably focus my efforts there for now.  Nothing too fancy, but 
yes, something with segments and probably not entirely dedicated to gear 
or tech talk either: I'll do what I can just to see what I can do...  
I'm sure there's enough room for both our approaches though, and I'd be 
more than willing if I have time to contribute to any community 
developped effort.  I think I need to first find out though, if I have 
anything to say that the community wants to hear!

ps: I may not be in NYC (try provincial Perth, Australia), but I have a 
double major in Lit and Theatre, with voice training and some radio 
experience, so am not totally devoid of personality (I hope...).

pps: thanks Mark for the links - almost the same ones I managed to find 
with google in the interim, and some extra ones to boot.  Your 
enthusiasm is catchy.


Greg Wilder wrote:

>This is a fantastic idea - and I'd like to offer some help along with some 
>Like you, I've been watching the growing influence of podcasts with great 
>interest.  As you mentioned, there's much potential for the medium - while at 
>the same time - there's plenty of poorly produced (read: unlistenable) stuff 
>out there.
>Instead of inviting everyone to simply record descriptions of their studio 
>rigs, would it make more sense for the *community* to create an interesting 
>format as well as the content?  Imagine a "community* built and maintined 
>padcast focused on Linux audio!
>Maybe a wiki segment, a gear review segment, edited segments directly 
>contributed by Linux users as well as other listeners, software development 
>reviews, email question of the week, interviews with developers, whatever.  
>If we hope to gain listener interest in an effort to broaden the community, 
>we will need to put together an organized podcast that is both entertaining 
>and informative.
>I'm a audio professional (www.gregwilder.com) in an unusual situation - I have 
>direct access to actors (read: voice talent & personality) in 
>Philadelphia/NYC who might very well be interested in contributing their time 
>in return for exposure.  My studio (www.steeprockmedia.com)  runs 90% 
>GNU/Linux and is capable of better than broadcast quality.  (Much of my work 
>produced using open-source tools has been heard on TV, radio, blah, blah...)
>If we could get a community effort together to create the format and content, 
>I'd be willing to consider donating my studio time and experience in order to 
>produce the show.
>Greg Wilder

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