[linux-audio-user] Couple of efforts using Ardour & Hydrogen

Esa Linna esa.linna at kolumbus.fi
Mon Jun 6 04:03:50 EDT 2005

No vocals yet, these are incomplete at this time. No MIDI at all.



1,2 Ghz Duron, 512 RAM
Mandrake 10.1, kernel 2.6.10MM (multimedia kernel)
Audigy 2 ZS
Behringer UB802 Eurorack mixer
Beyer-Dynamic microphone (I think it's this one: http://www.trust.tv/image/commodity/9588.jpg )
Yamaha PSR-273 keyboard
Katar electric guitar & bass
Peavey Mark III amp 
Maya banjo in second song (cost me about 70 euros = 85 dollars)

You can hear my son (3 years) screaming in the second song, just before the banjo starts..

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