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nigel henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Fri Jun 10 13:46:14 EDT 2005

Hi Tim. Thanks for sending the ZynAddSubFx icon. Interesting that it turns up 
as a screensaver on, I'm not sure if it's Debian or FC2. I'm sendind 2 icons 
as attachments. One came from MDK10.0 for TiMidity, and the other for 
Cheesetracker I knocked up with KiconEdit. TiMidity is a bit of an unknown 
quantity,as it doesn't build with a front end. I even compiled the latest 
2.13 version from Sourceforge (which shows a GUI) but no front end is there. 
On the same page there is a link to a Japanese site for a shell script to use 
as a front end, but I'm not sure how it should be used. The icon I'm sending 
from MDK10.0 has obviously a front end, and has been built into TiMidity, so 
how right it is to call it TiMidity I don't know. As an example Kmidi (no 
longer available beyond FC1) uses TiMidity, but is labelled Kmidi. If you 
think the Cheesetracker one is cr.p just trash it. Nigel.

You offered to send the icons you have. I'm game for that.
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