[linux-audio-user] wavesurfer-snack

luis jure ljc at internet.com.uy
Tue Jun 21 19:10:09 EDT 2005

hello list,

i've just sent this message to the gentoo mailing list, because i think it's
a problem specific to that distribution.

i'm having problems with wavesurfer, or it seems rather with snack, since it
only happens when trying to play a sound. 

i tried different versions of wavesurfer, and all behave in the same way:
with snack 2.2.4, hitting "play" crashes the program with a segmentation
fault; with snack 2.2.9 wavesurfer doesn't crash, but it only reproduces a
fraction of a second of sound, and then the cursor keeps moving silently.

i want to file a bug report, but first i'd like to know if anyone is having
similar problems, with gentoo or other distributions.



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