[linux-audio-user] Re: ubunto + realtime performance

Free Ekanayaka free at miu-ft.org
Mon Jun 27 03:23:38 EDT 2005

|--==> ISO  writes:

  I> Atte André Jensen wrote:
  >>So maybe my small csound partition should be demudi....

  I> Which reminds me:

  I> * Is demudi still based on a debian, and if so which?

Yes, you may want to read:


  I> * How often are demudi's software updated? Floating uptates or official 
  I> releases?

Both,  if you  want  a well   tested  system just install an  official
release.  If you   want to be   bleeding-edge just run apt-get  update
frequently: new audio packages from unstable are automatically grabbed
as soon as they enter Debian.

  I> * How stable in use and robust to upgrades is demudi compared to 
  I> debian/stable, debian/unstable and ubunto?

A/DeMuDi *is* Debian, or, better, a comfortable  way to install Debian
for  audio purposes.  Divergence from  Debian is kept   very low (some
packages are newer, kernel  it's optimize etc.) and many  improvements
are submitted directly to Debian.



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