[linux-audio-user] Midi Cards

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Thu Mar 3 01:46:07 EST 2005

John Check wrote:
>>>I believe the emu10k1's hardware synth is limited to 128MB.  It would be
>>>very useful if someone could trim that 141MB down to 128.

# asfxload fluid.sf2
sfxload: no memory left

But it mostly seems to work but I've never bothered to
hunt down which instruments are not loaded.

>>I'd really like to rearrange that soundfont and get rid of
>>(to me) some crap... and perhaps try to improve some of the
>>sounds with better samples... but every time I have tried
>>to use smurf over the years it just dies on me.
> Smurf is working here. Let's see if we can get a consensus on "crap",
> or a least see which way the wind is blowing.

Start at 128 and work back up is what I would suggest.
The only ones I could imagine ever using, perhaps, are

.Reverse Cymbal
.Synth Drum
.FX 4 (atmosphere)

but only if they were worthwhile decent samples to start
with and that is unlikely.

097  FX 1 (rain)               105   Sitar
098  FX 2 (soundtrack)         106   Banjo
099  FX 3 (crystal)            107   Shamisen
100  FX 4 (atmosphere)         108   Koto
101  FX 5 (brightness)         109   Kalimba
102  FX 6 (goblins)            110   Bagpipe
103  FX 7 (echoes)             111   Fiddle
104  FX 8 (sci-fi)             112   Shanai

   PERCUSSIVE                     SOUND EFFECTS
113  Tinkle Bell               121   Guitar Fret Noise
114  Agogo                     122   Breath Noise
115  Steel Drums               123   Seashore
116  Woodblock                 124   Bird Tweet
117  Taiko Drum                125   Telephone Ring
118  Melodic Tom               126   Helicopter
119  Synth Drum                127   Applause
120  Reverse Cymbal            128   Gunshot

Another issue is the licensing of the samples and the
soundfont as a whole but just getting a <128Mb file would
be a great start.

>>Are there any other tools, especially CLI ones, that could
>>pull apart a sf2 soundfont and put it back together ?

Anyone ?


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