[linux-audio-user] [music] First 3 tracks from me (gulp)

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Fri Mar 4 02:59:48 EST 2005


> > bit
> > synthetic though. I think they would improve alot just by changing the
> > sounds/soundfonts, whatever you are using, to something of higher
> > quality.
> Thanks for the suggestion. I've just collected a bunch of soundfonts, so
> I should be able to do something about this. I hope to start using
> hydrogen for drum tracks soon, so I should get some better drum sounds
> out of that (I haven't really found any good drum soundfonts yet.)

Yes, I'm on a constant crusade to find new and improved drums.

There are lots of free ones to chose from but not many that are really good. 
Also, drums can sound radically different, they do not always fit what you 

Apart from synthetic drums (pretty much anything goes there) the free ones 
I've used most are Nskit and (it's predecessor?) Douglas Natural studio kit. 
But they don't fit every kind of music.

There are lots of others, for example Melotti drums and all it's predecessors, 
Drum set real acoustic etc...
The biggest problem with most kits are the cymbals and hats. They are just not 
very expressive which makes it dull and unrealistic.
I think I've mixed drums at times, used the hats and cymbals from Douglas 
Natural studio kit and the rest from some other kit.

Lately I've been using some non-free kits, mainly Drumkit from Hell. But it 
does cost money so it isn't an option for everybody.
Some other non-free kits I've been thinking of trying are the ones from sonic 
implants, they seem quite good and are unexpensive.



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