[linux-audio-user] Re: Net jamming

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Mar 10 10:00:52 EST 2005

JP, Shayne, count me in, absolutely. Not sure if we can save the world 
by jamming over the net -- Being fascinated and all to chat with 
someone on the other side of the planet (yes, telephones still baffle 
me) I still think face to face is best. But I appreciate what you 
write, JP, how free and cheap tools can help in making things happen, 
and how to shake those hips as well.

As for the design of such a beast thinking out loud me says: If all 
chunks of audio/loops were accompanied by a timestamp the central 
server/jam room could broadcast this to all clients which could then 
happily adjust the incoming audio. So we would all hear the same thing, 
sooner or later. It's not within the range of acceptable realtime but 
it doesn't matter because we don't sit next to each other.

Key problem is likely to be how to make sure your time matches my time. 
System times drift and tend to be all over the place. Maybe NTP can 
help here.

Another, minor, factor might be bandwidth of the clients, so there 
should be a mechanism to buffer incoming audio. Then even isdn-people 
-- like me 2 weeks ago -- could jam in.

JP, please write and tell us about your plans. btw, reading Matthias 
Grob's story of how they built the Echoplex was great.

my 2 dBs, be good.

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