[linux-audio-user] Migration or Interoerability--The Final Frontier

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Thu Mar 10 14:50:18 EST 2005

this is a great thing to bring up - portability and modularity - this is one
reason the ADAT became so popular

the first thing I thought when I discovered Ardour, for example, was "I
wonder if it'll take the actual session from a ProTools session - like
directly BOOM open it up"  - that might be a problem due to apps on other
OS's being closed source

But at the very least I have had the back of my mind thoughts about perhaps
writing scripts that at least automate the "tedious track exporting" thing.
i think it'd be super super cool to be able to jump in and out of linux - I
do do that to a large degree, but there isn't a lot of automated way, and
there isn't a lot of way for me to share stuff with people that don't
understand it as well, for example.

But then again it's not like it's THAT hard, either - for example, if you're
JUST dealing with MIDI, cakewalk will save standard midi files, which
rosegarden will open.

I was also thinking about (in the back of my mind of course ;) ) writing
something that allowed me to share sessions between ecasound and ardour, or
even modifying my version of ardour to that end...

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> In word processing, it's a piece of cake. I can get any Word, RTF,
> xls-spreadsheets, presentations into OpenOffice and others. OpenOffice
> fine in both Linux and that other operating system. I can use what I want,
> where I want. No comments on what and where is best. My choice and this
> not detract from the other choices at all.
> In audio? Now that we have decent applications in Linux and more coming,
> question of migrating from other OSes arises. I have loads of Cakewalk (or
> Cubase or Logic or ...) projects and now I want to use them in Linux,
> tediously exporting each track and reimporting.
> Not all features are in common but most are: Midi tracks, Audio
> tracks--Cakewalk files have pointers to (reusable) regions in two (mono,
> stereo) or more wav files. Is there anything around to get such files into
> Rosegarten or Wired or Muse or Ardour (without the MIDI)?

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