[linux-audio-user] [ Music ] the sailor (final version)

Christophe Vescovi vescovi at lpsc.in2p3.fr
Wed Mar 23 03:45:27 EST 2005

Shayne O'Connor a écrit :
> hi all
> i've just finished re-recording a track i linked to the list a few weeks
> ago ... i've tried incorporating some suggestions, and most importantly
> - i think my guitar is in tune!
> http://www.machinehasnoagenda.com/downloads/the_girls_-_the_sailor_(final).ogg
> i think it sounds heaps better than the previous version, but it doesn't
> really matter in any case, as it is more just one of a few tracks i'm
> throwing together for a band i'm trying to get happening ...
> but if anyone still wants to try their hand at mixing this song, just
> let me know and i'll see if i can pack up the tracks into a torrent file.
> should have my next one up soon.
> shayne

Hi shayne
Nice song but as james said I think you can improved your mix again.

Global impressions :
- the drums are to much in the background for my taste.
- the beginning of the song is a little muddy, the combinaison of the 
vocal, background vocal and rythm guitar is maybe a little to much in 
the mid-low mid range, things become much more clear after 1:20.

What I would try :
- A little more drum
- A little less rythm guitar before 1:20 or maybe just less low-mid on 
this track
- Something can be done also on the background vocal before 1:20, after 
they are fine but before they are maybe to much present.

Just my 2 € cents ;-)


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