[linux-audio-user] Ardour created stuff

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Mon Mar 28 15:03:59 EST 2005

On Tuesday 29 March 2005 04:09, Noah Roberts wrote:
> > Not sure if Mark got back to you privately, but soundclick requires
> > registration for download.  I will pass on that too, but will be
> > listening to your other tracks shortly.   Thanks for sharing.
> No, he didn't.  Well, two things.  First, you can still listen if you
> want.  Second, imho that is pretty lame...like I said, unless you are
> willing to provide the bandwidth and harddrive space for the same
> price...

Ironically I have actually been offering space and bandwidth
to open source audio projects for years but so few people have 
taken advantage of what I have to offer that I don't even
bother offering anymore.

> ...
> I'm sorry, but when a company offers something free like soundclick
> does it is pretty lame to complain about them wanting login accounts
> to use it.  Everyone else charges their artists or provide limited
> space.  Soundclick does neither.  IMHO they deserve some kudo's for
> that, not a bunch of complaining because they want login
> accounts...that is just stupid and selfish.

BS. There is no legitimate reason to require a login to listen
to free music created with free software. If I am going to buy
it or actively contribute then sure... just to listen... no way.

> No, I am proud to be an artist on soundclick's website.  If you don't
> like it you don't get to download my music.  I am not going to let
> that bother me too much.

If you don't want me to hear your music that's your problem.


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