[linux-audio-user] rlimits patch crashes audacity

Ruben Jenster RJenster at web.de
Wed May 11 06:59:28 EDT 2005


I finally got the rlimits patch working here.
Thanks to Jack O'Quin who helped me.
I idiot have just forgotten to apply the pam patch.

But soon after having this little success I had to determine
that audacity is not working with the rlimits patch.

I can start audacity but as soon as I press the record or play button
audacity chrashes. (Do not wonder but I usually start audacity with 
'LC_ALL=en_US audacity' because I have a UTF-8 locale and amarok would chrash 
with this)

> LC_ALL=en_US audacity
> (audacity:19169): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to 
> PaHost_WatchDogProc: cannot set watch dog priority!
> PaHost_WatchDogProc: killing hung audio thread!
> Getötet

With the same kernel (  without the rlimits patch audacity works 



a bug a day keeps the boredom away

a bug a day keeps the boredom away

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