[linux-audio-user] light multitrack recording

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Fri May 27 10:03:03 EDT 2005


i'm wondering what you all would recommend as the least resource-consuming  
(in terms of cpu/memory usage) method for multitrack recording. i need to  
record 18 channels (each to its own file) of 44.1kHz float audio in a live  
setting, while simultaneously running some looping and FX, so i'd like to  
keep the recording chain as lean as possible.

curiously, my tests have shown significantly lower average system load  
using ardour than using ecasound. i was surprised by this, having assumed  
that ecasound would be the solution. so now i'm wondering if other options  
might be even better than ardour. maybe a recorder built in pd? i do need  
metering, preferably with resettable peak indicators.

thanks, in advance, for any advice or suggestions!


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