[linux-audio-user] Hello

Brian Hennessey brianjhennessey at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 14 08:56:59 EST 2005

Hello all - first post here. 

I trying to move to Linux after years with Cakewalk/Cubase/etc.
I have been recently inspired to get into csound, using Rosegarden 
or seq24 to drive it.

First. Thanks to Emmanuel. The page is a great resource. 
I had been using Demudi, but the error the loading snd-virmidi module
made me look for alternatives. So now I am using Debian testing.

I have followed the directions on the Emmanual's page (compiled kernel,
realtime-lsm module, etc) but, but when I try to configure jack:

#./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-posix-shm

I get: 

Build support for ALSA.........false
(or something similar, I am at work now)

#cat /proc/asound/cards
returns info about my card, and I am fairly sure I have alsa 
set up correctly.(alsamixer and aconnect seem to work fine)

any ideas why jack configure is not detecting ALSA? where is it
(i have /usr/src/linux linked to /usr/src/linux- and config
is there). I have booted to the new kernel.

Any help is appreciated. 

-Brian Hennessey

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