[linux-audio-user][OT] menopause

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Tue Oct 4 00:59:56 EDT 2005

Pete Bessman wrote:
> Well holy hell.  No wonder you've got sand in your vagina --- that would
> appear to be your MO.  I go looking for that debate over GNU/Linux, just
> to verify that you are indeed the same guy, and what do I find?
> http://music.columbia.edu/pipermail/linux-audio-user/2005-
> March/022213.html
> "Holly jesus. What is that? What the FUCK is that? WHAT IS THAT PRIVATE
> PYLE!?"

um, yeah - that's all old news ... everyone here knows about that, 
forgave and forgot (?), and i'm even in receipt of a steady stream of 
spam as my designated contrition ...

i understood and admitted my stupidity (which, as a bush voter, is not a 
luxury you can afford):


but you're pretty particular about what details you include when 
referring to debates/arguments, aren't you:


i'm glad you ended up representing my side of the argument with this:

> The following fulmination was in response to a message on the LAU mailing list which, in essence, said that “GNU/Linux” > “Linux.”

that thread seemed to strike a chord with you, rather than being 
something you'd forgotten about and had to ransack some web archives over.

> sand in your vagina

man, you have *real* problems ... i think i was right in the first place 
- maybe fucking yr mum would resolve some of these issues for you.


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