[linux-audio-user] Sayonara, for now

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Thu Oct 6 18:11:31 EDT 2005

Hello people,

being a long time LAU reader it feels a bit wierd to quit the list. Though
lately the sheer volume of messages is just too much, I can't keep up. SNR
has seemingly gone down a bit too, though I guess both are signs of
linux-audio coming of age.
Before I leave I have a request concerning the two things I will miss most.
- Application announcements, please make announcements to the [Announce] also
so people like me can find out. I think most does, just a reminder ;)

And the most important one.
- I absolutely applaud the increasing posting of music/sound/noise in here
lately. I will definitely miss this. I'd be very happy if people made use of
the  [LAM]  list:

and posted their pieces there also. For people like me that need to cut down
on their daily mailinglist-intake it would be a good solution.

Read you later,


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