[linux-audio-user] Old tracks finaly recorded and mastered

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Thu Oct 20 05:41:22 EDT 2005


[Sorry for posting to lad before, tab-completion without checking 
back ...]

Finaly got around to record a number of old tracks that I created 
using nothing but a GEM S3 keyboard in 1997/98 (well, and my 
brother's PC for selecting samples and putting them on a floppy for 
importing). Previoulsy they only existed on floppy and tape and one 
floppy is corrupted already ...

Still in the process of loading them up to archive.org, but some 
are there by now:

In order of my own rating, best at the top:


The detail pages can be reached from here:

I wouldn't mind people writing reviews there ;)

All recorded using the focused Timemachine. Cutting and normalizing 
with the most enjoyable Sweep. Mastering with the amazing Jamin. 
Need to practice that some more :). I wasn't aware of how much  
details can be brought to light using compression.

The only problem was having to convert the 32bit float WAVs to  
16 bit for lame, as it doesn't recognize that format. I used 
sndfile-convert for that. Too bad it doesn't take a flag for 
the output format, but requires filenames for that. But thanks 
to the nice folks at #lad, it didn't take long to arrive at a 
bash oneliner for converting a whole directoy.

Thorsten Wilms

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