[linux-audio-user] music apps being removed with Sarge/Etch updates

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Tue Oct 25 10:25:18 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 26 October 2005 00:28, Lee Revell wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-10-24 at 22:07 +0000, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > ps: I hope Linux distro's arn't going the way of MS Windows XP & the
> > notorious app trashing service pack 2. But saying that, at least Debian
> > have the decency to tell you before you upgrade, which app's they're
> > going to trash.
> Nope, this issue is due to your using the testing repository.  I'm sure
> you would not have it with stable.

I do have 2 Stable versions that I use on the same machine, and no problems 
with these. I'll stay on the testing repo with the other one, as it will be 
interesting to see how the transition from Sarge to Etch progresses, and if 
any future upgrades start to affect Alsa. There are 2 kernels I use on this.
2.4.27-2-386 which is using alsa-driver 1.0.9a , and is upgraded quite often.
2.6.11-1-386 which uses alsa-ancient-driver 1.0.8 ,and thats the latest 2.6 in 
the testing repo, which ain't very good.  
Sound card on this machine that I run all distro's with music apps, is.
Audigy2 soundblaster (emu10k1), with chip: Sigmatel  Stac9721/23 .
> Usually if I hit a situation like that I just wait a week to upgrade
> anything, usually the problem has been sorted out by then.

Anyway, I went ahead with a devil may care attitude, and it has trashed 
Cheesetracker. It's still on synaptic, but with no deb package available (at 
the moment). Watch this space.
> Semi OT but SP2 does seem to be really bad even for Microsoft.  A client
> of mine reports that SP1 -> SP2 completely broke Firewire audio and
> there's still no fix.

I suppose that's why there was so much insistance by IT folks to run the SP2 
upgrade on a test machine (if you've got one) before upgrading all the 
production machines. Not very funny though, when MS as good as insists on the 
upgrade. You do it, thinking you're doing the right thing, and end up totally 

All the best. Nigel.
> Lee

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