[linux-audio-user] Bounces from gmail ('suspicious headers')

Dave Price kinaole at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 10:56:59 EDT 2005


I love this list and find it informative and helpful.

One 'gripe':  I can't seem to post to the list from google's mail system.

Even though this is my subscribed address,  I always get a bounce message
when I post a message or reply using Google's Web client.

The bounce indicates that my post has 'suspicious headers'.

I am able to post with the from/reply address to set to my google
address out of a mutt client - however this is a pain, and not always
practical (when I am away from my desktop).

I realize that the moderator(s) of this list are volunteers and probably
very busy with their real life, but not of the 'waiting for moderation'
messages ever seem to make it thru, so even if I were willing to be
patient, I would not likely get a reply to my post ever, if I did not
use a different client.

Is there anything that can be done to adjust the automatic bounces to
accept google mail's headers?

I use the same address and client to work with several other lists with
no problems.

aloha (and thanks for the great list), 

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