[linux-audio-user] Capturing Video&Sound from DVD

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Tue Sep 6 08:49:53 EDT 2005

The Other <sstubbs at shout.net> writes:

> If so what packages will I need?

I have never owned a dvd and probably never will (I have a bunch of
cdroms' in the closet, though), but I've come across vobcp/vobcopy to
get the video data of a dvd.

I would imagine you'd find a solution with gstreamer. 

The best would of course be that jack would handle video, but I guess
a dvd device can't be reliable enough for realtime use so you would
still have to first cp the data of the platter.

There is an option to use xvidcap[1], of course, then edit it with
mencoder (-ss/-endpos) or a video editor. 

For this task, you're probably best off with rip'ing the dvd and
opening it in a video editor;).

[1] http://xvidcap.sf.net

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