[linux-audio-user] Linux-Music and making a living...

Cesare cesare at poeticstudios.com
Fri Sep 9 21:00:34 EDT 2005

tim hall wrote:

>On Thursday 08 September 2005 23:54, Russell Hanaghan wrote:
>>My statement "muddying the waters" was
>>actually more a chilidish jab at Tim for the same statement he made
>>toward me for some twisted diatribe I used in a previous thread
>Heh :)
>I'm going to attempt to get back on-topic for a moment.
>The issues with making music for a living are not specific to Linux. Only a 
>very small percentage of performers and writers become rich through their 
>music. It's possible to have a number one hit and still be living on the 
>equivalent of welfare. Many people who get signed to major record labels 
>discover that all their money has been spent and mysteriously ended up in the 
>hands of some lawyers. For many musicians 'success' lasts a couple of years 
>and then they go back to the day job, being nobody special.
>There are other ways to make money from music, you can slog your way around 
>the pubs and clubs playing covers. You will notice that the engineers always 
>get paid. You could run a studio, write film music, teach guitar, lead stress 
>management workshops for corporate businesses. Linux doesn't really change 
>any of this.
>What we do have is a potential solution. It is possible, using Open Source 
>software to record an album for minimal outlay. A couple of hundred quid on 
>hardware. Using Creative Commons we also have a potential free distribution 
>network. So you can easily give your music away.
>How does this help us earn a living? I'm not talking about being a breadhead 
>here, I'm talking food, rent and bills. This must be the quandary faced by 
>most free software writers too. The software is free, music is free, what's 
>the problem? The problem I'm most acutely aware of is that in order to get 
>_good_ at anything you have to make certain life choices, you have to do that 
>thing every day, often to the exclusion of other activities that could be 
>making you stinking rich, well, maybe.
>Singles, remember them? Who ever made any money releasing singles? We have the 
>ability to release singles for free now, so release 2 or 3 singles on CC 
>licenses and if they want more they can buy the album. You can dramatically 
>save on the cost of producing demos this way too. We still charge for live 
>performances, although it has to be said, I still do a lot of that for free - 
>running a local folk club, benefit gigs, etc. And not forgetting, we can 
>charge people for setting up and providing support for their computer music 
>At the end of the day, I write music and I want that music to be heard by 
>anyone who wants to hear it. I would dearly love not to have to do all the 
>other boring stuff that I have to do to survive and be able to concentrate 
>one-pointedly on my creativity. Wouldn't we all?
>The reality starts right here, right now. :)
Some more reality here:



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