[linux-audio-user] csound5 lpc question

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Sep 22 09:55:13 EDT 2005

  I'm trying to get some tests with lpc done with csound5. The problem I have 
is: my csound5 doesn't have it's own lpanal, so I used lpanal of 
  it runs fine and outputs its analysis-frames. But when I run a simple test, 
it only outputs to cracks with a lot of silence in between.
  My orchestra looks something like:
instr 1
  ktim line 0, p3, p3
  a1 buzz 15000, 110, 64, 1 ; function 1 is a sine GEN09
  krmsr, krmso, kerr, kcps lpread ktim, "voice.lpc"
  aout lpreson a1
  out aout

  The audio-material, which I analysed was simple speech. Am I doing something 
wrong? Should I be sure to use one of lpanal's options to get good input for 
  Kindest regards

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