[linux-audio-user] Re: regarding the 2nd Book Of Linux Music & Sound

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Sat Apr 1 03:29:00 EST 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Orm Finnendahl wrote:
>> Hi Dave,
> Hi Orm !
>> on a related issue: In our school we are testing linux only on laptops
>> for the music theory department. As some teachers are using Finale, we
>> came up with installing Finale on vmware player. It seems to work
>> without problems. We are planning to put the Finale-on-vmware on
>> usbsticks to keep the Finale licenses under control (that way they can
>> be given out to students like a dongle).
> I gotta say it: Wouldn't it be cheaper to just use LilyPond ?
> (Sorry, I'm being obtuse). :)
>> Are you coming to the LAC this year?
> Sorry, I won't be there this year. I'll be monitoring the chats and 
> video feeds.

No Dave at LAC!?!?! :( sorry to hear that.

> I'm sad to miss it, I spent many months over the past year learning how 
> to pronounce Eric Rzewnicki's last name, now I'll have to wait until 
> next year to prove that I can really say it. All that effort... ;-)

Aw shucks, Dave, you shouldn't have. :-D

-ERic Rz.

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