[linux-audio-user] where to put alsa parameters for udev-loaded devices

Dan Easley daneasley at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 15:23:28 EDT 2006

I'm using a Tascam US-122 with a laptop running FC5/CCRMA.

I need to have the USX2Y module loaded with an "nrpacks=2" parameter,
rather than its default of '4'.

Normally, I would put this in /etc/modprobe.conf - but the device is
loaded not at startup, but instead by udev.  There are no entries for
the driver in modprobe.conf, and I can't seem to find where to put the
parameter within udev's folders.

Any ideas on where this setting should go?  I've been manually
unloading the driver, then reloading it with that option, but I'm
trying to avoid that kind of work on stage.


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