[linux-audio-user] Beginner singing, music theory (guitar) and ear training, solfege?

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 22:36:35 EDT 2006

G'day all,
I'm keen on learning to sing in my now extensive spare time. Anyone
now of any good books or sites aimed at beginner singers?

I'm also wondering if doing some ear training stuff would be good. I'm
mostly interested in improving my guitar playing but i'm guessing this
would really help over all. Should i use GNU solfege for ear training?
Is there a good intro for beginners somewhere? guitarnoise.com is the
most useful stuff i've found so far. Anyone know a good book on any of
these topics? If possible focused towards guitar, music theory, ear
training, etc and not one of those horrible school music style method
books. I have no interest in sing mary has a little lamb. ;)


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