[linux-audio-user] Just look at what you have done!

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Thu Aug 24 14:56:09 EDT 2006

On Thu Aug 24, 2006 at 11:44:26AM -0700, Drucer Ninetynine wrote:
> There was a recent post on Ardour web page forum and
> somebody was requesting Ardour demo songs to be
> included with Linux mediastation keyboard. Now I had
> never heard of such a device before, but I got curious
> and found some demos. This is mindblowing stuff! I had
> absolutely NO IDEA Linux audio was this far! You Linux
> audio developers have done absolutely amazing job! And
> can you imagine you can have this all without buying
> any hardware!? The software is out there, just
> download it!
> Check this out!
> http://www.lionstracs.com/download/video/piano.wmv

Requested video codec family [wmv9dmo] (vfm=dmo) not available.
Requested video codec family [wmvdmo] (vfm=dmo) not available.

soo.. have they heard about theora? maybe theyll like it as much as ardour ;)

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