[linux-audio-user] Live recording : Post production/ removing noise

ish at sarai.net ish at sarai.net
Fri Aug 25 10:24:52 EDT 2006

hi All ...
i had recorded  a classical guitar concert using a DAT player and a couple
of Dynamic mics (Shure 606). To get stereo recording... now the concert
hall where i did this recording was an old one with very noisy/creeky
chairs. I really wanted to remove all this from the recording along with
all the coughs and the faint A/c hum. Can anyone please recommend a
procedure i can use to remove these unwanted noise without damaging the
recording.. and what is the right procedure to record classical or Acoustic
recitals ie what mics should one use with that and at what settings etc


(frEeMuZik.net/ sarai.net)

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