[linux-audio-user] so.... u wish to hear something completely horrible

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun Aug 27 13:47:20 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 23 August 2006 15:00, Rob was like:
> On Wed August 23 2006 02:23, tim hall wrote:
> > Because I'd be hurt and confused - if you don't respect an
> > artists integrity why would you WANT to use their work?
> Wow, where do I begin?  I might want to belittle them, like
> Negativland did with U2.  I might like what their producer did
> without having any respect for the writer, or the writer might
> not be the copyright holder in the first place.  I might think
> "That's an okay song, but it could be an AWESOME song if it just
> had _______."  I might like the music but be offended by the
> lyrics, e.g. if the lyricist were a neo-nazi or Creed-esque
> crypto-christian.  I might know nothing at all about the artist,
> so that their "integrity" is an unknown variable altogether.
> A day doesn't go by without me hearing something on the radio or
> somewhere else where I think, wow, I could do so much with that.  
> If I were more into dance music, I'd be constantly like a kid in
> a candy store.  It's a lack of time that prevents me from doing
> anything about it, rather than any misplaced automatic respect
> for my fellow man due merely to his ability to breathe air or
> get a record out.

Which proves my point completely.
Heh. !:p

tim hall
We are the people We've been waiting for.

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