[linux-audio-user] Ardour: trying to add a "bus" causes a crash?

Sylvain Robitaille lau at therockgarden.ca
Wed Aug 30 00:05:12 EDT 2006

Hello folks ...

I've just started working once again on a mix project, after a long
break over the summer, and am encountering a problem I don't recall
seeing before.

When I try to add a bus to the session ("Session -> Add Track/Bus"), it
causes Ardour to crash (many thanks to the Ardour developers for adding
intelligent crash recovery!  I haven't lost any real work thanks to that.)
I can add a "track" without any problem, but what I'm after here is a

I _think_ I'm doing this right.  The project presently has 16 tracks,
and the master bus, and I want to add a bus to use to connect post-fader
sends from selected tracks, as an effects bus (with the effect inserted
as a pre-fader plugin on the bus).  I already have a (not connected)
post-fader send on one of my tracks, ready to connect to the bus I'm
trying to create.

The system is Slackware-10.2 (with a customized kernel, and upgrades
as released by Slackware), on an AMD Athlon64 (running in 32-bit mode)
with 2GB RAM (no swap used as yet, so I'm not expecting lack of memory to
be a problem).  I've been running Ardour-0.99.2, but when I encountered
this problem I upgraded to Ardour-0.99.3 to see if the upgrade would
resolve the problem (it didn't).  Jack is jack-0.100.0  (hrmmm...  I see
new versions of that are available, but it doesn't seem to me as though
Jack would be the culprit here;  I'll upgrade if it's believed I should,
though ...)

Anyone have any ideas?  Feel free to point me to documentation I should
have found (I've already checked the Ardour online manual and "how do
I..." forum, but it is of course possible that I missed something that
should have jumped out at me), or to tell me there's a better way to get
what I'm after (the equivalent of a post-fader "aux" send and return on
a hardware mixer).

It occurs to me that I can add a stereo track, insert (pre-fader)
the plugin I want, connect its output to the master track, and set it
to record-enable (all tracks for the project are already recorded,
so that won't interfere), and connect the other track sends I want
to it.  It feels like a work-around, but it might at least permit me to
continue ...  (comments on this would be appreciated ...)

Thanks in advance for any help ...

Sylvain Robitaille                              syl at alcor.concordia.ca

Major in Electroacoustic Studies                  Concordia University
Faculty of Fine Arts / Music Department       Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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