[linux-audio-user] RME Multiface II report

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Wed Aug 30 21:11:21 EDT 2006

Hello Dmitry,

want to comment on your observations, as I am using a Multiface II too...

Dmitry Baikov schrieb:
> 4) 64x2 @ 96k does not work at all. jackd gets killed by watchdog.
> seems it can't start playing.
can't confirm this. Works perfectly well for me. Did large recording
sessions with 8 channels on 96kHz lately. For this, I did several
test sessions on my desktop PC (AMD64 X2 with debian / 64Studio). The
recording sessions itself I did on a 32bit Core Duo laptop with Ubuntu
Dapper and a multimedia patched kernel.

> 128x2 @ 96k works perfectly.
never tested this.

> 5) if multiface box was power-cycled, firmware can't be loaded again,
> hdsploader gives:
> Upload firmware for card hw:0
> Hwdep ioctl error on card hw:0 : Device or resource busy.
> I have cardbus version, so the solution is to reinsert the card. I
> suppose with pci you'll need a reboot.
same here, can confirm this.
But, on my desktop PC (with PCI card), power-cycling and the doing
hdsploader again works perfectly well.

Hermann Vosseler

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