[linux-audio-user] Re: Attracting more Linux audio developers

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Tue Dec 12 16:56:11 EST 2006

<heh>  And  don't we all love those small foot-print applications 
that require a heap load of other apps and libs to run.  And the server 
that holds that last needed lib just doesn't come up for you? for weeks...

Amateur... a person that does what he does for the advancement of his 
hobby without pay...

I have yet to see any type of computer system used by any act or 
group...  Oh wait a minute... I take that back... I did see an act that 
used a computer as a teleprompter...


On Tue, 12 Dec 2006, david wrote:

> Mathias Friman wrote:
>> If there existed a one-mouseclick-install Linux audio solution that ran 
>> VST-synths, had a latency of below 2 msec and with an abundance of 
>> documentation and user following, there
>> would be no discussion. I personally think that it is the amount of 
>> study-time and steep learning curve that deters the people from adopting 
>> Linux.
> Most people are too lazy (or busy) to change once they've learned to do 
> adequately what they need to do. They'll change if they must - e.g., their 
> old computer died, they got a new computer with different software on it. But 
> they're generally not going to change on their own, even if the software is 
> free, better and easy to use. Look how many people still use Internet 
> Explorer, even with other, better and more secure browsers a simple download 
> away?
> Also, how many professional musicians use PC hardware in performance? The 
> only ones I've been close enough to see on stage (Al Dimeola, for instance) 
> use Mac.
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