[linux-audio-user] music made with linux

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 21:04:37 EST 2006

Mark Knecht wrote:

>   Sitting here in California early on a Saturday evening, and
> contrary to some of the comments you've already received, I say
> 'bravo' and 'don't change a thing'.

Well, I did :-) It might be subtle, but I like the new one better...

> The mix is quite nice to my ears.
> Reverb levels are fine IMHO.

Well I didn't add much reverb, just enough to make it blend better. It 
still comes across as dry at least when on speakers.

> And
> yes, your wife can sing. If she's half as pretty as her voice comes
> across then you found a Christmas Angel I think.

She's lovely in every way!

>   Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for listening!

peace, love & harmony

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