[linux-audio-user] some LilyPond work

mlang mlang at delysid.org
Thu Feb 2 05:54:21 EST 2006

M P Smoak <smoak at mis.net> writes:

> Dave Phillips wrote:
>> Greetings:
>>   Recently I had a 2-day struggle with the flu, so I took advantage
>> of the down-time and dug into LilyPond 2.6.3 (Demudi 1.3.0rc1). The
>> results have been placed here:
>>     http://linux-sound.org/dlp-music-lilypond/
> Nice work, Dave.  Like having the lp, pdf and mid files all there
> together.  I enjoyed all three tunes and, just for fun, used audacity 
> to make ogg files of each.  Prelude moves a bit too quick for me to
> read or play. (What is MM for it?)  But I used alsaplayer to cut the  
> tempo in half (drops it an octave); maybe I can chase it there.  
Have a look at http://delysid.org/yatm.html, that can reduce/raise
speed without changing the pitch.


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