[linux-audio-user] Re: dssi: 2 questions

emanuele ..:: www.rumoridifondo.com ::.. emanuele at rumoridifondo.com
Sat Feb 4 07:09:00 EST 2006

finally i solve the problems!

i've just installed dssi from source and now it works! i'm using liblo 
0.18 (the original mandriva package, not the thac's package). and now 
the graphical front-end works!

anyway, thank you for your help.


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hi folks,
i've installed rosegarden on my mandriva 2006. then i've download dssi 
from "thac's rpm" (www.mde.djura.org/index2006.0.html). in particular 
i've installed these files:


after the installation process ended, i've read the file 
i've run first jack and then "less_trivial_synth", "trivial_sampler" and 
"jack-dssi-host less_trivial_synth.so".
my dssi-path was set by default and so all these plugins started (i saw 
this by looking on jack connections) and i managed also to play 
"less_trivial_synth" by my m-audio keystation. i've managed also to rec 
and play with rosegarden.

the problem is that in all the cases, the gui of these soft-synth 
doesn't appear!

how can i solve the problem?

thank you

ps. sorry if my english isn't very good.....

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