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timg timg at expressmart.com
Thu Feb 9 08:36:06 EST 2006

tim hall wrote:

>On Thursday 09 February 2006 12:51, Arnold Krille was like:
>>2006/2/9, james at dis-dot-dat.net <james at dis-dot-dat.net>:
>>>One day, I'll spend some money and get a soundcard that costs more
>>>than 20 quid and speakers that were meant for more than Doom.  Then
>>>maybe I'll stick with a track long enough to produce something
>>>From my (limited) experience: Start learning to polish before you buy
>>new equipment!
>>Often we think "If I have this and that, all we go easily" but the
>>truth is that all the technical gimmicks like soundcards, speakers,
>>preamps, amps, micorphones are just tools. If you know what you are
>>doing you can get the best possible out of the most crappy hardware.
>>If you don't know what you are doing, it won't get any better with
>>speakers that cost 1000€ each.
>>Start polishing, mastering, etc before you decide which new gear you buy...
>>And continue to make music!
>I just want to say a big AYE to that!
>I made 'Do what you can with what you've got' a production rule a few years 
>ago and my productivity soared. Anything you can't put your hands on right 
>now only exists in the world of fantasy. Not making the album because you 
>haven't got the latest bit of kit / musicians / whatever will SCREW YOU UP.
>The corollary to that is: 'Be grateful for the skills and equipment that you 
>DO have' - some great albums were made with nothing but a beat up old guitar, 
>beat up old voice and a walkman. As it happens, we also have a huge pile of 
>excellent software.
>That said, one day I too will spend some money and get a soundcard that costs 
>more than 20 quid, hopefully on the proceeds of the beat up old solo acoustic 
>album I recorded in my front room. ;)
Perhaps the Best advice I can give is to SAVE / archive anything in it's 
rawest form...
remixing / masterin with better gear later in live can be a riot.

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