[linux-audio-user] Music made with Linux

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Mon Jan 16 21:10:55 EST 2006

>>I like the line "All I wanted to do was post a song!" :)  Sad in this 
>>world of less than original people that one has to protect themsleves at 
>>the cost of sharing something good and fun in the simplest way available 
>>BTW, just checked your Website.....As a young inspired guitfiddler in 
>>Australia, playing in a country rock band (my first band) and beleive 
>>me, there was no such thing as "Country rock" (Amazing Rythym Aces and 
>>Pure Prarie Legue somewhat lost on our audiences) as such then in Aus, 
>>we covered a tune by Rodney Crowell called "Stars on the Water"...a 
>>simple but catchy little tune (I still play it today)...and I remembered 
>>thinking...who the heck plays that solo...it seemed relatively easy to 
>>play. That is untill I tried to pick up all those little inflections and 
>>the super clear voicing of bending notes. I looked at the back of the 
>>album to see and behold, Mr. Albert Lee!  An English Country picker no 
>>less!!! :)  I then watched one of those Videos he had showing how to 
>>play on that beat up ol' tele he has with a million signatures on it. 
>>That RH finger style coupled with a pick had me just baffled back then.  
>>I use it in a round about way today.  He is truly one of my guitfiddler 
>>gods! :)
>    Damn!  I used to play that one too.   I had no idea that was him on
>that song.  We used to play that song because it's about here (the Gulf
>Coast, I'm only about 15 miles west of Biloxi).  I actually only have
>one instructional video - Albert Lee's.  I just had to buy it.  Not
>because I ever thought I could play like that but just to watch.  The
>guy is amazing.  The funny thing is, I bought the video about ten years
>before I met him.  He's one hell of a nice guy.  The first guitar I
>built now has Albert's signature on it ;-)
Wish I could say "I have met him" :)  Wish I could play "Country boy" 
too! It's like the guy had an extra finger!  I think he is one of the 
unsung heros...he has backed nearlly everyone including Clapton for that 
matter. It is probably fair to say he was doing a lot of that stuff in 
an electric axe before the Nashville super invasion kicked in also. Most 
that played like that were flat pickers on steel string acoustics. And 
don't think I'm attempting to imply I can play like him either! :)  He 
has more ability in his little fingers than I hope to have in my life! 
But I can say this...the feel I attempt to place in anything I play 
comes from his type of style and many other well rounded greats like 
him. Folks that could coax a piece of wood and steel to sing like a 
bird! :)  OH...and Nashville tuning (octave set E,A,D & G) on a regular 
6 string acoustic...another little cool trick as a sort of cross over 
mandolin feel....I picked that up from his video....gawd...must be 25 
yrs ago now.    Ugh...I feel old! :)


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