[linux-audio-user] virmidi and 2.6.14 (Demudi)

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Wed Jan 18 10:42:17 EST 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:

> Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> So the ALSA virtual MIDI ports are mapped to the raw MIDI ports ?

Yes.  Anything sent to the sequencer ports will show up (only!) on the
raw MIDI ports, and vice versa.

Anything sent to a through port will be routed to all other connected

> >Please run the following commands (in separate consoles):
> >
> >aseqdump -p 80:0
> >amidi -p hw:2,0 -S "90 12 34 80 56 78"
> >
> >or, for the other direction:
> >
> >amidi -p hw:2,0 -d
> >aplaymidi -p 80:0 something.mid
> >
> >Is there any output?
> Yes, there is. But if I connect the virmidi port to a synth there's
> still no sound.

The virtual MIDI ports convert between old programs using /dev/midi*
and new programs using ALSA sequencer ports.  They do not connect
ALSA sequencer programs together; use the through ports for this.

I think you can achieve what you want by connecting a virmidi port and a
through port together.


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