[linux-audio-user] New website trial

Link Swanson link at sumerianbabyl.com
Fri Jul 7 20:14:29 EDT 2006

>> I don't know how to get round this at present and retain the layout
>> and behaviour I want. It seems to be very difficult to get clear
>> instructions as to *exactly* what commands you can embed in style
>> sheets, where, and to what effect!

I highly reccomend http://www.csszengarden.com for understanding the power
and beauty of CSS. When you markup ONLY for structure and content, not for
style, it becomes second nature to envision all colors, fonts, background
images, link styles, menus, etc. as belonging to the stylesheet not the

I did http://www.sumerianbabyl.com like this and it was FUN!

Sorry if you know this already.

> IMO the way to do this is to write a decent HTML page first with
> semantically correct markup and then do the CSS.  The point of CSS is
> that it separates the look of the page from the meaning.  The downloads
> page on my site gives a very simple example of what I'm on about.  In
> other words design for Lynx then for Firefox.

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