[linux-audio-user] [ANN] ALSA MIDI Humanizer v0.0.1

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Wed Jul 12 05:52:48 EDT 2006

On Friday 07 July 2006 15:23, John Anderson was like:
> ONe of the things that I find somewhat grating about certain soundfonts
> is that the vibrato on strings is always exactly the same. Some way to
> give that some variation would also be nice.

Absolutely. The range and shape of the variations could be programmed into the 
instrument definition and linked to a spare MIDI controller. I can forsee us 
deprecating MIDI in favour of something like OSC for serious work, 
eventually. Obviously the format will have to remain negotiable for backwards 
compatibility reasons, but by and large I find MIDI and soundfonts so 
horrendously limited as to be only really useful for demos. I'd like to see 
proper microtonal support in all sound-producing applications, currently only 
ZynAddSubFX handles this nicely. For me 12Tet at A=440Hz always sounds out of 
tune. YMMV. Not being a confident programmer I'm finding Csound, 
supercollider and even Pd et al., rather complicated to get into and I have 
taxi'd up the runway many times, great for experimenting, but I haven't made 
the time to learn how to produce quality results - I suspect most ordinary 
musicians won't either. In general, I'm finding the process of creating new 
instrument sounds to be less straightforward than I would like it to be, be 
that editing soundfonts, csound orchestras, ZynAddSubFX patches or whatever. 
Really I'm yearning for analog synths, I have fond memories of playing with 
MS10s, SH101s and my old Pro1 and the kind of resonant filter sweeps that are 
possible with analog filters. Is the sound I am looking for simply not 
possible digitally? Would anyone with the appropriate skills consider 
modelling VCS3 or Prophet filters in software? The closest application is 
probably Alsa Modular Synth for what I want (as I'd like to be able to filter 
samples too), but it does appear to have limitations. I shall persevere, 

tim hall
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