[linux-audio-user] [ANN] ALSA MIDI Humanizer v0.0.1

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Thu Jul 13 07:00:29 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 12 July 2006 16:02, Cesare Marilungo was like:
> tim hall wrote:
> >Really I'm yearning for analog synths, I have fond memories of playing
> > with MS10s, SH101s and my old Pro1 and the kind of resonant filter sweeps
> > that are possible with analog filters. Is the sound I am looking for
> > simply not possible digitally? Would anyone with the appropriate skills
> > consider modelling VCS3 or Prophet filters in software? The closest
> > application is probably Alsa Modular Synth for what I want (as I'd like
> > to be able to filter samples too), but it does appear to have
> > limitations. I shall persevere, obviously.
> I still own (and use) a Korg MS20. I had an MS10 also, but sold it two
> years ago to pay some bills  :-) . I'm not a DSP expert but what makes
> these synths unique were their unpredictability and their lack of
> precision. An analog circuit like that is sensible to temperature,
> humidity. The difference between a real analog synth and a soft synth is
> much like the difference between a tape recorder and a digital recorder.
> We're used to the sound of the first kind, a sound that is determined by
> the intrinsic limitations of that technology.

It's not just that we're used to the analog sound, there is a definite 
psycho-acoustic difference. IMO.

> If we reproduce or store our performance in bits anyway, there's no
> difference between a well programmed soft synth and a real analog apart
> from the fact that the first one sound (and has been designed to sound)
> too perfect.
> Isn't, again, a matter of introducing a bit of randomicity (if this is
> the correct term)?

It is possible to simulate oscillator drift et al., sure, but it is difficult 
to get good clean sine tones in the upper ranges digitally.

I saw / heard some nice external boxes at the Sounds Expo, I don't remember 
the manufacturer offhand (I will look it up). They did a nice Prophet and 
Moog style synth, both digitally modelled, so I know it is possible. When I 
have a bit of spare cash I will probably get one of these - I have to say I 
also like the MS2000, which is in a similar price range.

tim hall
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