[linux-audio-user] how to compile timidity

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Jul 21 09:02:27 EDT 2006

hi, really great help, it was just as easy as you described, timidity 
starts now with jacklaunch.

the .cfg file looks like this:

# Instrument configuration file for timidity
# $Id: timidity.cfg,v 1.7 2005/09/03 19:26:03 hmh Exp $

# You can change just about every option in TiMidity++ using
# This config file.  Please refer to the timidity.cfg(5) manpage
# for more details

## If you have a slow CPU, uncomment these:
#opt EFresamp=d         #disable resampling
#opt EFvlpf=d           #disable VLPF
#opt EFreverb=d         #disable reverb
#opt EFchorus=d         #disable chorus
#opt EFdelay=d          #disable delay
#opt no-anti-alias      #disable sample anti-aliasing
#opt EWPVSETOZ          #disable all Midi Controls
#opt p32a               #default to 32 voices with auto reduction
#opt s32kHz             #default sample frequency to 32kHz
#opt fast-decay         #fast decay notes

## If you have a moderate CPU, try these:
#opt EFresamp=l
#opt EFreverb=g,42
#opt EFchorus=s
#opt s32kHz
#opt p64a

# Disabling some of the Midi Controls can help with the CPU usage a lot.
# The same goes to the VLPF, sample anti-aliasing and effects such as
# reverb and chorus

# By default, try to use the instrument patches from freepats:

source /etc/timidity/freepats.cfg

i dont know if i should comment out some lines.
have to experiment little more with!

thanks a lot,
Yves Potin wrote:
> Le 21 Jul à 14:19, Dragan Noveski ecrivait:
>> nowhiskey at murija2:~$ jacklaunch timidity -ig
>> /usr/local/share/timidity/timidity.cfg: No such file or directory
>> timidity: Can't read any configuration file.
>> Please check /usr/local/share/timidity/timidity.cfg
> [...]
>> nowhiskey at murija2:/usr/share$ whereis timidity
>> timidity: /etc/timidity /usr/local/bin/timidity
>         You should use locate instead of whereis (with updatedb just
> before), then find a example config file somewhere. With a Debian package,
> it should be in /usr/share/doc/timidity. I you have compiled it from
> source, the example config file must be somewhere in the directory where
> you compiled the software, if for some reason it was not installed in your
> system during the main installation. You can also just download the Debian
> package with apt-get install -d, then uncompress the package with ar x
> <package.deb> or something (file-roller...) and grab the file.
>         You can also use Google to find a timidity's config file :)
>         Then place this file where timidity asks for it.
>         HTH, 
> Y.

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