[linux-audio-user] Video/Audio editor for Ogg-Theora files

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon May 1 12:34:23 EDT 2006

Markus Herhoffer hat gesagt: // Markus Herhoffer wrote:

> This should work to convert your compressed theora to raw avi/pcm:
> # mencoder in.ogg -oac pcm -ovc raw -o out.avi
> pcm und raw are the uncommpressed formats. You can use something
> different if you want small file sizes.
> # mencoder -ovc help
> tells you more about the available codecs. Choose one that you can open
> with Kino. Kino is the best choice for easy video editing.

Ah, thanks for this hint. I managed to convert the file to a format
kino can use. I used "-ovc libdv" with rescaling to PAL or NTSC, I'll
maybe try raw as well later. Now I'll only need to learn how to work
with Kino. 

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