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Lars Luthman larsl at users.sourceforge.net
Mon May 8 06:18:57 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 07:22 +0200, eun.sung at no-log.org wrote:
> hi
> i'd really like to use dino, as it seems simple and efficient.
> i tried to sequence zynaddsubfx but when i create a nex track in dino i
> can't choose the zynadd channel output. i've not tried with another midi
> client (what i should do).

Dino only works with synths that have JACK MIDI ports. The standard
version of ZynAddSubFX does not have that, you need to patch it with one
of these patches: 



The second one is better since that adds support for LASH as well. These
patches add a JACK MIDI port that work simultaneously with the ALSA
sequencer port, so you can use Dino and e.g. your ALSA-supported
keyboard with ZynAddSubFX at the same time.
> and could you please explain me how edit patterns?

There is a brief description in the README. Basically it's like this:

 * Ctrl-left click adds notes
 * Ctrl-right click removes notes
 * Middle click and drag left/right changes the length of notes
 * Ctrl-middle click and drag up/down changes the velocity of notes
 * Left clicking and dragging outside notes selects all notes inside the
   dragged box
 * Shift-left click selects or unselects a single note
 * Clicking and dragging a note moves that note (or the entire
 * Middle-clicking outside notes inserts a copy of the current selection
   at that point
 * "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Delete", "Select all" work as expected
   (except that when you "Paste" you have to click where you want the
   notes in the clipboard to appear)
 * Left clicking and/or dragging in the controller box adds controller
   events, right clicking and/or dragging removes them

> by the way i really like the interface

Thank you.

Lars Luthman
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